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ResQKite is delivered complete and ready for use, including Bridle, Control Lines, Carbon Fibre Control Bar, Manual Inflation Pump, Equipment Storage Bag.

Replacement equipment can be supplied separately - please contact us for prices.

When selecting a single ResQkite there are bound to be compromises and trade-offs as performance relates to wind speed and stability, surface wave direction and height, displacement of boat and hull shape (drag).

The table below is a guide for ResQkite size selection and based on planing type Inshore/Offshore/Ocean racing yacht hull designs (non-displacement).

Example recommendations -

10 sqm           Sportboat                                   (8m LOA)
15 sqm           Melges 32 / Class 40                 (10m-13m LOA)
20 sqm           Open 50 / IMOCA Open 60       (14m-18m LOA)
20 / 25 sqm    VO65 
20 / 25 sqm    MOD 70 Trimaran
25 sqm            VO70
30 sqm            Comanche / Scallywag / etc. !