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As the principal of QXI International, John Quigley has been involved and worked with the Volvo Ocean Race and the participating teams for 20 years, both whilst working at Lloyd's of London insurance market and subsequently as an independent consultant. 

During that time he has worked closely with many professional ocean racing teams and their boats including VO60, VO70, Open 60, MOD70, Class 40 and now the VO65. 

QXI International also appointed by VOR as the preferred Risk & Insurance Consultant and Provider of the VOR Approved VO65 Teams Insurance Package both in 2014-2015 Edition and the 2017-2018 Edition of the Volvo Ocean Race.

In 2014 VOR asked him to help develop and supply a Rescue Kite for all the Volvo Ocean Race boats as part of the mandatory safety equipment pack, which led to the joint venture with Simone Vannucci of ASV Performance.

Simone Vannucci has many years of experience as a top international racing Kitesurfer - conventional and foiling - and has used that intimate knowledge to develop racing Kites and Boards which have been used by numerous top flight international professional kiters.

This type of kite is dull by comparison but his instinctive understanding of how a kite performs and reacts is being put to good use here to interpret the loads and dynamics and simple practicalities of using a kite in this new environment.

Working together we believe we offer a unique perspective to this challenge.