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Like many products the ResQkite is one that has been developed by the leading participants at the top of a field of endeavour - in this case Ocean Yacht Racing - and the wider industry then gains the benefit of that innovation and drive to keep on improving. In this case - Safety. 

So ResQkite was developed for the teams in the most challenging round the world ocean yacht race, the Volvo Ocean Race, with a view to get them home quicker if they lose their mast (which someone usually does) or lose control of the swing keel.

We are now developing new versions of this same kite for smaller racing and leisure cruising yachts - coastal, offshore and ocean.

Our aim is to create a reliable and comprehensive pack which, like a Liferaft, we sincerely hope you will never need to deploy for its intended purpose, but if you do, will perform as advertised.

To that end the product will remain bespoke to some degree until all the variations of yacht sizes and shapes, intended use, crew numbers and their ability / experience have been explored. So that could be for a while ....

In other words we will work with you to identify what should suit your purposes best.

We look forward to working with you.

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